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非公開: Happo-en Presents Business Events 2017



Happo-en will hold invite only event “Business Event 2017 –every time is unique-” which is the event of presentation that free from the traditional approach.


We are one stop solution for planning, designing and production of a unique and memorable event. This event is a live event focusing on relationship of people.
To share with everyone, new encounters, new surprises and the wonder of Japanese culture, in this event to you. Do join us with warm heart our team is waiting to welcome you.


Create value for unique business events
We propose business events not bound by the conventional framework. In the growing Asian pacific market, there is a necessity to from a MICE base in Tokyo that has a center-petal force in order to grow Japan presence MICE destination.
At Happo-en with its historical garden of approximately 33,000 meter square from Edo period and state of our 15 banquets of different size and ambience. We professionally plan, design and produce unique business event contents under one umbrella, for forming the bridgehead by global cooperation with industry, government, university, and realizing the better promotion for business induction.
We have been developing MICE contents such as business exchange events, unique venue in Tokyo, traditional culture, dietary culture and night life, by making good use of the Happo-en. As we have unique contents, Happo-en has got the tag of “unique venue” now. Experience our unique business contents. You can experience Japan with this event. Connect to the world for a day through this event.


HAPPO-EN Presents Business Event 2017 is a invite only event.

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