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The Happo-en Enju, Where You Can Enjoy Beautiful Greenery
in the Heart of Tokyo

At the Enju, located in the spacious Japanese-traditional Happo-en gardens in Shirokanedai, Tokyo, you can delight in original multi-course Kaiseki menus featuring soup served in bowls (o-wan) expressing the characteristics of each of the twelve months of the year. You can also savor chef-recommended dishes prepared in ways that take full advantage of seasonal delicacies at their most delicious.Cordially awaiting your visit, we have provided a variety of spaces, including counter seats, where guests and chefs can chat and private rooms for leisurely gatherings, suited to customer preferences.



Bowl of the Month

One of the Enju’s most attractive features is the use of a differently designed covered bowl for each month of the year. Changed monthly, they are designed to produce visual and tactile expressions of the changing seasons. The soups they contain are harmonious combinations of flavors, fragrances, textures, and colors that reflect seasonal alteration. Be sure to enjoy them both.



We offer a rice of the month (Offering 12 kinds of rice a year)

We ensure that each type of rice is polished to its ideal percentage, maximizing its flavor.
A five-star rice master, Mr. Katayama, and our lead chef, Mr. Ken Uehara, carefully select a type of rice and maximize its umami taste and subtly sweet flavor.
This month's rice is "Nanatsuboshi" from Hokkaido. It looks delicious, with a good balance of shine, stickiness, and sweetness. It perfectly complements Japanese cuisine.




We pay attention to how to our rice is cooked.

Depending on the month's type of rice, we cook the rice carefully with an earthen pot or iron pan while paying attention to adjustments of the water and the flame.



We also perfect the steaming process to finish cooking the rice.

We put the rice in a covered wooden bowl, which is made of sawara cypress, to steam. This cypress is really good for evaporating the rice's water moderately, making its texture excellent.



The use of dried bonito from Makurazaki, Kagoshima Pref.

Please enjoy Japanese broth which is made of dried bonito. This bonito is made carefully in a traditional way.



Counter Seats

At the counter, couples can savor a meal while delighting in spring cherry blossoms, autumnal maple trees, and the other changing aspects of the four seasons.



Elegant Private Rooms

The woven decorative wall covering of the Enju Room is based on the motif of the Japan pagoda tree, or enju. Its round window commands a view of the verdant beauty of the garden. In addition to it, the restaurant offers four other private rooms of different sizes where valued friends and associates can share quality time.



Dining Room with Standard Tables

For that extra touch of luxury, illumination suggesting sunlight filtering among trees and glimpses of the garden through lattices based on traditional miniaturized textile patterns make any gathering a special event in the at-table dining room.



A Special Wall

In the form of walls displaying the plasterer’s brilliant technical skills, warm earth textures combined with views of garden greenery greet our guests.



Google Business Photos

Please visit Google for a 360-degree panoramic view of the Enju interior.