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Our Spring Event “Iki” will start from the end of March


Hello everyone,

As you know, the year is divided into four seasons. But for many Asian countries, there is also a traditional system that divides the years into 24 mini seasons. Around February 20, we begin the period called Usui, or “Solar term.” This is the time when ice and snow begins to melt, and the water goes deep underground, starting the growth of plant-life. This marks the very beginning of the agricultural cycle. Recently, we also say this season is when people want to start something new, or when we get busy preparing for the coming spring.

Happo-en will soon hold our Spring “Iki” festival. This series of events can be easily incorporated into your corporate event or party. Of course, you can also use it to help celebrate your “End of the Fiscal Year” party or private event.

Every year, reservations for these events fill up soon, so be sure to reserve your seats as soon as possible. Please contact us with any inquiries you may have. Come enjoy the special spring events at Happo-en.

Do not hesitate to ask us anything about MICE.


Thank you very much,
Yuichiro Kobayashi


img_mujyoan_otya  click here for more information

MUJYOAN – Ohanami-chakai (Sakura Viewing and Tea Ceremony)


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Happo-en Kouseki (Japanese Incense Experience with Green Tea) April 3, 2017


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Ou-un-kouza Shojin (Sakura Viewing and Special Launch)


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“Mankai-Chaya SHOJIN” at Hakuho-kan (Sakura Viewing and Lunch at Special Location)

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Ouka-ranman Yatai (Night Cherry Blossom Viewing with Buffet)

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“Iki-Night” with Perrier-jouet








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