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HAPPO-EN MICE LETTER – Vol.0041 – February 27, 2017 Weekly issue on Mondays Proposing MICE plans to create a new style of Japanese culture 



How about holding a meeting with a constructive theme at the end of financial year?


Hello everyone,


Spring is the season of farewells and encounters. A lot of anxiousness, expectations, and gladness will occur in this season of changes.


March is the end of the financial year, so we have a lot of farewell parties. Of course, it’s very fun to eat and drink with close friends or colleagues. But, how about holding a meeting with a constructive theme?


For example, in Happo-en, we had a meeting that was themed, “How can we let inbound guests have a wonderful encounter with Japanese culture?” From that meeting  came our concept of “Amazing Experience.” And our MICE team is starting to move into the coming next stage. “Cosmo-Japonism” is a coined word from “Cosmopolitan” and “Japonism.” This means having a multi-cultural ideology while having love and respect for our country and our culture, and using that foundation to look to the future.


Another question we considered is, “What can we do for our guests’ health and wellness?” In response, we have rebranded our Anniversary Garden Restaurant with the theme of “Organic Life.” Happo-en has always had a strong passion for cuisine, and we want to give our guests the best food. How about bringing that benefit to your corporate meeting or farewell party? Introducing “Organic Life” to your event will help you look to the future with good health and wellness.


Do not hesitate to ask us anything about MICE.


Thank you very much,

Yuichiro Kobayashi




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“Bishoku-judan (Japanese-style Dinner Party Cuisine)”


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“Mushin-zen and Business Etiquette Seminar”


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“Tea ceremony in tranquil Japanese-style space”




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HAPPO-EN SPRING FESTIVAL 2017, March 18, to April 9,




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Organic Life Restaurant will Open on March 1, 2017







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