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Oraganic Life Restaurant “Anniversary Garden” will Open on March 1, 2017



We have rebranded our Anniversary Garden Restaurant with the theme of “Organic Life.” Happo-en has always had a strong passion for cuisine, and we want to give our guests the best life with good wellness.


Happo-en is one of the best unique venue in Tokyo, and marks its 73rd anniversary this year. Over the year, we have helped our guests celebrate happy occasions, but we couldn’t help noticeing that nowadays, allergies and various other physical discomfors are becoming more and more prevalent. Urban living is stressful, and we hope, through food, to help make daily life in the city more appearing and enjoyable. We want to link the present to the future and contribute to the small pleasures of life. For this purpose we developed a new-concept restaurant to provide natural refreshment and energy for body and soul. Our menu features allergen-free and organic dishes and also caters to vegans and those who espouse a gluten-free diet.The restaurant also sells organic produce and  will be organiczing workshops where consumers and producers can join hands to create a like-minded community. The renovated Anniversary Garden restaurant is started on March 1, 2017. We hope  to have  the pleasure of serving you at our “Organic Life Restaurant.”


Organic Life Restaurant “Anniversary Garden”

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