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Amazing Experience , HAPPO-EN MICE LETTER – Vol.0044 – March 21, 2017 Weekly issue on Mondays Proposing MICE plans to create a new style of Japanese culture 


Japanese Nationality

Hello everyone,

In hosting MICE, one of Happo-en’s goals is to spread Japanese culture. Our Waza Department and event planning is a platform to both grow Japan’s domestic industry and to train the younger generations to continue our culture. We take great pride in our nationality, which has developed through our heritage and morals. “Nationality” takes a long time to grow and develop. Rather than studying it in school, it comes as a result of living on Japanese land, eating Japanese food, drinking Japanese water, and listening to the rhythms of Japanese beauty. It comes from our parents and neighbors. Our guests from overseas can perhaps best understand it through our Omotenashi (hospitality) Spirit, which serves as a symbol of our nationality and is easily accessible.

In 2011, Japan suffered a great earthquake, tsunami, and radiation leak all in a low. In the aftermath of those disasters, we witnessed and took pride in the morals and values of Japan, as people worked hard to rescue each other. There were no stampedes to race for goods and services, with people instead politely waiting their turns. Despite the terrible accidents, people continued to mind the custom of removing their shoes and carefully lining them up when entering buildings. Those are small, normal actions, but those small things were symbolic of the enduring morality which represents our nationality. The beauty of Japanese culture is paying attention to small details.

We can understand our own nationality best when looking out into the world. Recently, the number of foreign tourists has been rising in Japan, which gives us a good chance to see the heart of Japanese culture. Please join us to experience our culture as we lead up to the 2020 Tokyo Olympics.

Thank you very much,

Yuichiro Kobayashi



Pick Up

桜花爛漫祭 Ouka-ranman Yatai

(Night Cherry Blossom Viewing with Buffet) ※prior reservation is necessary


Evening viewing of cherry blossoms at Happo-en isn’t only about flowers. A special stage has been erected for nighttime entertainment at the Ouka Ranman Cherry Blossom Festival. The theme this year is traditional Edo food stalls, featuring unlimited food and drink served buffet-style. Dancers will perform the Awa Odori on stage, and a fantastic culinary feat featuring cherry trout will also be performed.

[Date]March 29(wed)・30(Thurs)・31日(Fri)・April 2(Sun)

[Time」19:00~21:00(Open from18:30)

[Place」Jour By reservation only

[Fee]¥6,800(tax and service charge is not included)All you can eat from buffet and drinks.



※Thank you very much for this week again. and Please do not hesitate to ask anything about MICE.



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