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Amazing Experience , HAPPO-EN MICE LETTER – Vol.0046


Experiences of Japanese Culture

Hello everyone,

This season marks the beginning of the new business year, when many companies welcome new staff members to their team. Businesses can take advantage of the beauty of spring by holding welcome parties or Ohanami events beneath the blooming cherry blossoms. This may be a special way for companies that are welcoming international staff members, by treating them to a special experience of Japanese springtime culture.

Yuichiro Kobayashi



The night of Friday, April 28 “Dinner and Sake Party with Sake Brewer Presentation”
Presentation by Asahii-shuzo Sake Brewery

We will hold our 18th Sake and Dinner party at our Japanese restaurant “Enju.” We have invited the famous sake brewery, Asahii-shuzo, to this event. Please enjoy the collaboration of sake and cuisine.

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“Experience of making beautiful and artistic sushi rolls”
Enjoy making beautiful and artistic sushi rolls, an experience which can be added as an option to your event.

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“Tea ceremony in tranquil Japanese-style space” (Weekdays Only)
Enjoy tea time in a specially crafted Japanese-style room. This room has a fantastic atmosphere, with trees along with natural light. It creates a unique tea house experience. After the tea ceremony demonstration, you can actually participate in a tea ceremony.

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Sadou, Kadou or Noh-gaku, “Experience of Japanese Culture”
You can choose two of three kinds of experiences from Sadou, Kadou or Noh-gaku. Sadou is the art of tea ceremony. Kaduo is the art of flower arrangement. And Noh-gaku is the oldest of Japan’s theatrical arts, embodying music, dance, literary art, sculpture, dyeing and weaving, and construction arts.

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Our spring light up will extend the period period for come to the  best time to see the Shidare and Yae kind cherry blossoms in our garden. So please enjoy the view from our restaurants.

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“Bishoku-judan (Japanese-style Dinner Party Cuisine)”

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Hachiju Hachiya Special Dinner Event

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Organic Life Dinner Event – Thursday, April 20. Anniversary Garden with Sho Farm

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※Thank you very much for this week again. and Please do not hesitate to ask anything about MICE.


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