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Incentive –The Potential of collaboration as MICE: Okawa City, Fukuoka and Happo-en



Recently, many people who came from all around the world are interested in Japanese culture, and through collaborations they can find new ideas and strong relationships. Today, I would like to propose a new idea for tourism through the collaboration between Okawa City and Happo-en.


About 200 people’s visit Okawa City, Fukuoka through Happo-en’s partnership

Thanks to Okawa City and the Okawa City Tourisim Association, more than 200 tourists visited Okawa City as the first step of this comprehensive cooperation between Okawa City, Fukuoka Prefecture and Happo-en.


Not only Japanese but also people from all around the world are able to visit Okawa City. Please refer to this case for incentive trips, tourism and a lot of possibilities with new potential.




Artisanship spread around the world

We can create new idea by using traditional skills. Okawa City in the Kyushu region was originally a ship building town. Those traditional skills survived today and are being used to make beautiful furnitures. Recentry, we visited Okawa and were touched by its history and traditions. We had a great experience there, and spoke with many local people. When we first arrived in Hanzakai, we were greeted with an amazing Taiko drum performance, which set the tone for our visit.




Shobunsu Vinegar Factory

Vinegar making in a style unchanged for 300 years. We took a tour of the facilities and watch the vinegar making process at Shobunsu Vinegar factory. Among these products, organic black vinegar is made using only organic brown rice, water, and koji. Placed in half-buried jars, it ferments and ages over time. Easy-to-drink and delicious vinegar drinks, cider and dressings are also sold.





Kumiko is a traditional woodworking art that uses wood chips to produce lattice work. Kumiko craftsman Masato Kinoshita’s work on a luxury train is futures in JR Kyushu’s “Seven stars in Kyushu.” We ware able to visit his workshop and watch the art creations.





A renovated café in a 160-year-old house features artisanship from across Okawa City. As the area is famous for raw material of Tatami mat, we can see a special red tatami at the Waza Café, which is use not only for floor mats but also on walls and ceilings. In the café, order a coffee or Amaou strawberry smoothie. This is a must-visit when you travel to Kyushu.




Process Iguchi

We visited priocess Iguch, the factory that produced our MUJYOAN, KAGURA, and so on. On our visit we were able to meet the craftsman and watch them making furniture.





We visited a lot of places in Kyushu; Kumamoto Castle, Shimabara City, Unzen Amakusa National Park and Hot Springs, Dejma, and amusement park ”Huis Ten Bosch” and so on in addition to Okawa City.

There are plenty of opportunity there to plan an exciting trip and to feel traditional Japanese culture. Please consider this destination as a tour or incentive trip.

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