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Happo-en will hold an invite-only event “Business Event 2017“



Happo-en presents “Business Event 2017”, an invite-only event that breaks free from the traditional framework. This summer, our one-stop business event will challenge the way we plan, design, produce, direct, and operate in the business world. This is a live event focusing on people, because we would like to touch your heart with new encounters, surprises, and wonderful Japanese culture.


After reopening, our newly renovated main banquet room can be used seamlessly with the Japanese garden. We would like to provide you with an “Amazing Experience” using our new high-end sound systems, lighting, and other unique content. The main banquet room’s original “moon” motif was designed by world-famous gold leaf artist Hiroto Rakusho. Since ancient times, we call the taste “Tsukishiro”, cloudy “Mugetsu”,and rainy “Ugetsu”. Japanese have the feeling of enjoying even the invisible moon. It is the moon which is only looking far away, but the future where we can go on a moon trip is coming soon.


WAZA DEPARTMENT 2017 that adds Japanese sensibility and memory of the moon and flow of time of the Japanese. It will be a special day that can not be expressed by words.


Please check our previous WAZA DEPARTMENT 2015’s movie

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