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Happo-en’s Approach to Food I – “Happo-en’s Muslim-welcome Full Course Meal with Halal Wagyu Beef”



Happo-en has been developing our approach to food and we are pleased to announce that we have begun our Muslim-welcome full course meal at our Japanese restaurant “Kochuan,” as our first step.

According to an announcement by the Japan National Tourism Organization (JNTO) in the beginning of last year, there has been an increased number of visitors from six ASEAN*-member countries to Japan. The 2,520,000 visitors reached record crests and was a 21.3% increase from the previous year. Halal food is one of the required items to make them feel welcome. Happo-en therefore started to serve Muslim-welcome dishes at our Japanese restaurant “Kochuan” on December 1st, 2017. We use Halal ingredients and seasonings for our Halal dishes. Enjoy our Muslim-welcome full course meals with Halal wagyu beef (with Halal certification). You can have a great time with Muslim-welcome dishes in a private dining room that has tatami-mat flooring while viewing our beautiful Japanese garden.


Muslim-welcome 8-course meal

– Appetizer
– Soup
– Grilled fish
– Raw fish in sashimi style
– Sushi
– Halal chicken dish
– Halal wagyu beef in Shabu Shabu style or Halal wagyu beef steak
– Fruits in season (Home grown)
*Available from two persons to fifty persons. Please do not hesitate to make inquiries about anything
Kochuan’s efforts on Halal are below:
Kochu-an, our Japanese restaurant nestled in the Japanese garden, started offering Muslim-welcome menu. Our efforts on Halal are as below.

– Using plateware and cutlery for exclusive use
– Using cooking utensils for exclusive use
– Wearing work clothes for exclusive use
– Using ingredients without pork or alcohol, and seasonings for exclusive use
– Using Halal beef and Halal chicken (Homegrown)
– Halal-style preparations in a general kitchen


Kochuan, our Japanese restaurant nestled in our Japanese garden, offers a seasonal menu with highly selected food ingredients from all across Japan. You can have a great time with our unique and sensitive dishes, with our chefs’ excellent skills and passion, in a traditional-style private dining room that has tatami-mat flooring while viewing our beautiful Japanese garden.

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