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Hello everyone,
Today, I would like to tell you the secret to holding a business event in Japan.

Through our greatly successful spring festival 2017 in April, I will tell you how to successfully hold a business event in Japan.

Our theme of this spring was “More and more becoming Spring, more and more becoming myself.”

We held amazing spring events with our traditional Japanese garden, amazing cuisine, and amazing experiences of wearing a Kimono, Japanese tea, Incense, Traditional Japanese Music and Dance, the elegant culture of loving cherry blossoms, and so on.

How would you like to finally start something new this spring?
How would you like to bring special someone with you?

Our spring event lineup is below:
・”Shojin” – traditional Japanese healthy cuisine in Hakuho-kan
・“Shojin Lunch” – buffet lunch in our gardenside banquet room
・”Mujyoan” – tea ceremony and cherry blossom viewing in a garden
・”Kouseki” – incense experience
・”Spring Festival Concert” – featuring traditional Japanese instruments
・”Yatai” – nighttime dinner buffet in our illuminated garden under cherry blossoms
・”Iki Night” – DJ event in a traditional Japanese house and garden
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Happo-en is a very special location. It features a garden with over 300 years of history, and has easy access from both inside and outside Japan. Access will soon be even easier with the opening of a new train station near us. Guests can feel traditional culture and history even in the center of Tokyo at one of the best most unique venues in the city.

At our spring events, we brought enjoyment and satisfaction to all our guests, from children to adults. Our guests could enjoy the special atmosphere of our fantastic location, as if they were in a beautiful movie.




Planning and Production

We listen closely to our customer’s needs and requests, and communicate closely to find the best solutions. Careful planning leads to successful business events and improve business chances. Planning and production are our strengths. We select our best team members for your event who will turn your needs and wishes into a reality.

Your requests will be reflected in a planning document including the event timetable, the decoration of the banquet room, invitation design, the making of original goods, music, entertainment, an original movie, and operations.

Happo-en has strong confidence in serving the best food for your event. We will provide cuisine that meets your needs, including allergen-free, gluten-free, organic, and vegetarian- or vegan-friendly foods. Our original cuisine will perfectly suit you and your guests.

Our total production solutions will lead to your successful events in Japan. Our team members will truly help you to have an Amazing Experience and make all of your wishes come true.

Finally, please show our event image video at your business event. We can make an original video for your event, for example, showing the history of your company, or a digest movie of your past events, featuring photos and real-time video.


For inquires, please contact us at:
Business Event Sales +81 3-3441-7888

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