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Hello everyone,

Today, I would like to talk about diversity. Diversity of food is the first thing we think of, but there is more to diversity for us to think about.

Our goal is having the same food together, including allergen- and gluten-free, vegetarian to vegan, organic foods and Halal foods for Muslims, foods for Hindus, Kosher foods, and so on.

We have a saying, “Eat rice from the same pot.” That means, we’ve been through a lot together, and have a strong bond after having a meal together. We then value our friendship and a deeper understanding of each other. I personally think that, it would be a wonderful thing to have a worldwide party where everyone can share the same meal.

But diversity is not only about foods but other factors as well. For example, we want to welcome handicapped people or people in a sexual minority. LGBT makes up to 6% of the world’s population.

Toward the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games, we have to prepare a lot of things, for example, restrooms or fitting rooms adopted for diversity. But we must not spend these occasions preparing temporary things but continue to brush up our “Omotenashi spirit” beyond 2020.

Enjoy your week.

Yuichiro Kobayashi



Our original chocolate “kiki” shop opened in Ginza Six on 20th April.



“無心禅- Mushinzen” Mindfulness Program
In our very busy everyday lives, it’s difficult to find time to refresh. Head Monk Nahou Sakai will be producing “Mushin-zen,” a mindfulness program that will help your-discover the value of seeing inside yourself and emptying your mind.

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Hachijyu Hachiya
Hachiju Hachiya is the 88th nights of spring, and it is says that the tea picked on this date is of the best quality and promote a long life. We will celebrate by holding our 4th annual Hchiju Hachiya event. We have invited the well-known tea company Fukujyu-en of Kyoto to join us, and bring the best Japanese tea. Our chef will prepare a special dinner course in collaboration with Fukujyu-en. Please click the link below for more details.

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The night of Friday, April 28 “Dinner and Sake Party with Sake Brewer Presentation”
Presentation by Asahii-shuzo Sake Brewery

We will hold our 18th Sake and Dinner party at our Japanese restaurant “Enju.” We have invited the famous sake brewery, Asahii-shuzo, to this event. Please enjoy the collaboration of sake and cuisine.

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Organic Life Dinner Event Thursday, May 18.
Anniversary Garden with SHIBAKAI Nouen



Experience of Japanese Green Tea at Traditional Tea House
You can enjoy having the experience of Japanese green tea at traditional tea house. And you can choice how to have a experience from our 2 courses.

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