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One-of-a-kind experiences in traditional Japanese garden HAPPO-EN MICE LETTER – Vol.0051



Please feel nature of early summer at traditional Happo-en’s garden
Hello everyone,
This week, I would like to introduce our new plans that can feel nature of early summer. Natural and Healthy Shojin Cuisine, Farm to Table “Moon Beer Terrrace”, our seasonal chocolate “kiki”, and Mindfulness plan makes you feel comfortable.
Please enjoy, and have a nice week!

Yuichiro Kobayashi



Introducing Natural and Healthy Shojin Cuisine
We are pleased to launch our new “Shojin” food plan. We have received an increasing number of requests for natural, healthy, and vegetarian-friendly food, based on the success of our Iki Spring Festival. To meet those requests, we are now introducing our Shojin cuisine, which was inspired by the traditional food culture of Buddhist monks, and expanded into a wonderful, delicious, and healthy meal for not only vegetarians, but everyone who wants to know and enjoy Japanese seasonal cuisine. We look forward to serving you the best of natural Japanese food culture.



Farm to Table “Moon Beer Terrace”
Our Thrush café introduce beer terrace. Theme of this year is Moon



Organic Life Dinner Event Thursday, May 18.
Anniversary Garden with SHIBAKAI Nouen



Our “季季kiki chocolate” is now available at our pop-up store in Ginza Six
Gurunavi’s Secretaries’ Choice for Souvenirs 2017



“無心禅- Mushinzen” Mindfulness Program
In our very busy everyday lives, it’s difficult to find time to refresh. Head Monk Nahou Sakai will be producing “Mushin-zen,” a mindfulness program that will help your-discover the value of seeing inside yourself and emptying your mind.

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