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Hello everyone,
Today, I would like to tell you about the beautiful seasonal colors, incomparable hospitality and cuisine of Happo-en.
From small parties with friends to conventions, we hold a lot of MICE from all around the world. Happo-en, whose name reflects its beauty viewed from any angle, is a magnificent garden that has maintained the natural beauty of Edo Japan down through the centuries and bequeathed it to present-day Tokyo. In the early Edo period, it was the beloved estate of Okubo Hikozaemon, a retainer of the Tokugawa shogun.

The Happo-en garden is a traditional Japanese circuit-style garden with a pond at its center. Its design employs trees, stones, water and earth: the basic elements of landscape architecture to produce nature accurately at its most alluring. Historical architecture and relics, such as the Muan teahouse and collection of bonsai trees that include magnificent specimens aged over 500 years, are gathered here in harmonious balance. A carpet of cherry blossoms in springtime. A vibrant garden of azaleas as summer unfolds. Flaming leaves in autumn. And an ethereal, snow-covered landscape in winter. It is a sincere pleasure to welcome guests, with heartfelt hospitality in each passing season.

Happo-en is spread over 33,000 ㎡ and includes 15 banquet rooms beside our garden. Our facilities are prepared to give you an amazing experience in the heart of Tokyo.

Thank you very much and enjoy this week!

Yuichiro Kobayashi



Support Our Kids Project Special Talk Show with Richard Hugh McCaw
We have invited the legend of rugby Richard McCaw to our special charity talk show on May 29 as part of our Support Our Kids Project. The Support Our Kids Project assists children from the affected areas of the Great East Japan Earthquake of 2011. This project concentrates on children who are still living under stressful circumstances in the aftermath of the disaster. We believe that children will play a big role in the reconstruction of Tohoku and our aim is to nurture these children into becoming future reconstruction leaders, through experience overseas.


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