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Make a Lasting Impression with Event Souvenirs

Hello everyone,
Last week, we introduced our garden and facilities for use for your off-site meetings. Today, I‘d like to tell you about souvenirs that you can provide to your guests. This is a topic we have received many inquiries about. Souvenirs are a key element for leaving a lasting impression on your guests. They contribute to your event’s image, sense of the event’s host, and emphasizes the contents of the event or meeting. I know that Event Coordinators spend a lot of time finding the right souvenirs for their companies’ events. Happo-en has a lot of experience in business events and wedding parties, and each event comes with a souvenir perfectly suited to the event’s theme, the event’s founder, or for overseas guests, a souvenir that represents traditional Japan. Recently, as Event Coordinators manage the diversity from around the world, finding the right souvenir has become more difficult. So, please don’t hesitate to ask anything regarding souvenirs and MICE to our staff. As a final note, Happo-en has original souvenirs that may suit your needs; please check the link below for details.
Thank you.

Yuichiro Kobayashi




Our “kiki chocolate” won the Gurunavi’s Secretaries’ Choice Award for Souvenirs 2017 The best selling souvenirs in Happo-en. Please check below:


Our original souvenirs “Gateau Chocolat”
Using organic Japanese rice makes our Gateau Chocolat soft and sweet.


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Happo-en Original Breads
Our breads are made from only particular ingredients from all around Japan.

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