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Today’s MICE update will include:
– Meeting and Conference Plan
– Autumn Garden Walk and Lunch Plan
– Bishoku-judan (Japanese-style Dinner Party)
– Mindfullness Plan
– Event Information “Otoko-juku”
Please enjoy this MICE update from Happo-en.


Yuichiro Kobayashi




“Meeting and Conference Plan”
Our meeting or conference plan is very special. Please have a experience with tranquil Japanese garden in Happo-en. Our meeting and conference adviser will assist your meeting. This plan include coffee, snacks, mineral water, lunch (only hole day plan), projector and screen, 2 wireless microphones, 2 cable mics, white bord and pen and free wi-fi.

We also available to arrang interpreter and simultaneous interpret system and so on.
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Tel: 03-3441-7888




Autumn Garden Walk and Lunch Plan

Today, I would like to introduce our Autumn Garden Walk and Lunch Plan. If you are taking a bus tour around Tokyo, why not put this plan in your schedule? In autumn, you can stroll around our garden and see the autumn leaves. Happo-en’s garden has a history dating back to the Edo era. It is centered around a pond filled with Nishikigoi (koi) and waterfowl, features Bonsai more than 500 years old, tasteful architecture styles, and our teahouse.




“Bishoku-judan (Japanese-style Dinner Plan)”
This party plan is for small parties of up to 30 people with counter service restaurant style. Our plan for the season autumn leaves gives you a journey all across Japan with cuisine.

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“Mindfullness Plan” in Traditional Japanese Garden

This mindfulness and mental attitude seminar by Sakai Nahou, who is a zen monk and well-known as a writer brings you to the world of “zen.”. With this special seminar, you can spend peaceful time in our calm and historical Japanese garden.
Please see more details below:
More info
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Event Information “Otokojuku”
Learn from their challenging and mental attitude
June 28, 2017. Otokojuku event will hold in Happo-en. This time’s speaker are Mr.Le Mans, Mr.Yojiro Treada and first woman presentater Ms. Yuko Hanyu.
I am sorry but this event is only Japanese language, but please let us know if you have interested in this event.

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