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HAPPO-EN MICE LETTER August 6, 2018 Vol.0111



It’s August and the height of summer!
Summer is a good season to experience Japanese culture,such as Bon festival dances, fireworks, festival games, wearing yukata , cotton candy, shaved ice, and more.


Happo-en will hold “2018 Matsuri Japan” on August 23 and 24!
There, a Bon dance and 8 Japanese traditional festivals
from all across Japan will be gathered together!


Several elements of Japanese traditional culture will come together at Happo-en for this special occasion.
Let’s dance with a beer in hand and enjoy ourselves with our families and friends!





Japanese traditional culture is eloquent. Throughout history, craftspeople sensed an air of their times. They honed their skills and created beauty that reflects the age. When you encounter Japanese traditional culture, you can recognize our Japanese spirit in it, even without it being explained. Traditional culture equals innovation culture.


This summer, Happo-en will hold our “2018 Matsuri Japan” events, in which
you will experience famous festivals, traditional arts, and various foods from 47 prefectures across Japan. This event will represent the pinnacle of Japanese traditional culture.


The beautiful traditional culture and outstanding craftsmen will show you all their skills in the events on August 23 and 24, 2018.


Attention Japan! This is Japanese innovation!
Attention the world! This is Japanese innovation!


The pinnacle of traditional culture will be on display in these events!
Don’t miss them!

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