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HAPPO-EN MICE LETTER July 23, 2018 Vol.0109



Happo-en’s “Iki – Summer Festival,”
“Learning is Full of Adventures,”
already started on July 21!


After being faced with nature’s force in the recent flood disaster in western Japan, people hear phrases such as “Back to the source,” “Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs),” “Environment-friendliness,” and etc. all over the world.

Happo-en is holding our summer series of events entitled “Learning is Full of Adventures” to encourage people.


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The “Learning is Full of Adventures” events feature many enjoyable concepts:
– “A balanced diet leads to a healthy body”: To understand the relationship between natural
cultivation and human bodies
– “Experience is worth a thousand words”: To experience making bread with your family and to learn about tea.
– “Natural cultivation”: To enjoy a dessert made from naturally-cultivated peaches and soy milk, without eggs, milk, or white sugar.
-“Fuji herbs”: To enjoy dishes with the use of herbs grown in a chemical-free environment at the foot of Mt. Fuji.
– “Premium somen noodles”: To enjoy the highest quality somen noodles, wrapped in black paper which is a distinction of the highest quality, at our high-class Japanese restaurant, “Kochuan.” These can be made only by experienced specialists.

– “Festival of Festivals”: To do some Japanese festival dances with performers from all across Japan, and to see the best selection of nationwide Japanese traditional crafts.




Happo-en is proud to hold our summer events, in which all the attendees can feel “learning is full of fun” regardless of nationality or age.


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