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HAPPO-EN MICE LETTER July 17, 2018 Vol.0108



Happo-en wishes to express our sincerest sympathy to the victims and their families of the disaster caused by torrential rains in the westernmost parts of Japan this month.
We truly hope that the affected areas will be reconstructed as soon as possible.


The torrential rains in the westernmost parts of Japan are signs of a changing environment, and we are affected by long spells of hot weather and unexpected storms, which are hitting close to home. The things that we have to take a serious approach to are increasing, we think.


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Happo-en started putting efforts toward SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals), which is a collection of goals adopted by the United Nations in September, 2015. For example, Happo-en’s active use of naturally-cultivated products fits the “Good Health and Well-Being for People,” “Life on Land,” and “Responsible Consumption and Production” goals from the 17 SDGs.
Happo-en will host a special event named “SDGs: All-Athlete Dinner” on July 27. There, you will learn about food and health, and food and environment, together with food producers, athletes, and doctors, in order to help you think about our future. Also you will enjoy our dishes made from naturally-cultivated products.
Happo-en believes that each of us is tiny, but when we join together, we can create something big. Please join us on July 27.


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