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HAPPO-EN MICE LETTER July 9, 2018 Vol.0107



The full-fledged summer has come,
right after the earliest end of the rainy season on record!
Let’s do “Shokibarai*” with your family, friends, and coworkers!


*Shokibarai: To beat the summer heat and to reduce the “fever” stored in the body. Also, it is said that it means to regain your chi (life energy) which became weakened by the summer heat.


In the Edo period, people got creative in the summertime. For example, they had a special hot drink in which they put medicinal plants which they claimed helped them cool down their bodies, enjoyed their meals on houseboats on a river which were cool to the eye, took a hot bath to sweat in the daytime, hung bamboo blinds over the windows, and so on. Even now, people like to do “Shokibarai” in many places where they can feel cool, such as on a houseboat or on a restaurant’s terrace.

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For your “Shokibarai,” Happo-en would like to suggest having our cold craft beer, organic sparkling wine, a mojito with naturally-cultivated mint, fragrant Japanese sake in a wine glass, flavored green tea, and more.
At Happo-en, we offer healthy dishes which can help restore your spirits and cool off your bodies



How about doing “Shokibarai” to help you to beat the summer heat this year?

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