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HAPPO-EN MICE LETTER August 13, 2018 Vol.0112



Our “2018 Matsuri Japan” event – August 23 and 24!
Top off the last-and-hottest summer of this current Heisei Period with these 2 enthralling nights!
In this festival of festivals, the Awa-odori dance from Koenji, Tokyo, the Eisa dance from Okinawa Pref., and the Umbrella dance from Tottori Pref. will all rock the nights of Tokyo


The number of Japanese traditional festivals held all across Japan is over 100,000. They include a wide variety of festivals, such as mikoshi (portable shrines) and dashi (festival floats), Bon dances, Lion dances, fireworks, and more. Japanese festivals have functioned very well as cradles of traditional Japanese culture and craftsman skills.


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This summer, Happo-en will hold our “2018 Matsuri Japan” event, in which 8 Japanese traditional festivals from all across Japan will be gathered together. These festivals, festival games (such as ring toss and target shooting), Bon dances, and food stalls will take place in our Japanese garden. We will offer 2 nights full of festivals, and have already started to sell 2-day passes for the festivals at a discounted rate.


At the same time, we will showcase several great craftworks which won the “2018 Omotenashi Selection,” an award for innovative traditional craftworks. We will keep providing the entirety of the Japanese spirit to the world.


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Let’s make the last-and-hottest summer of the Heisei Period exciting!

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