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HAPPO-EN MICE LETTER August 20, 2018 Vol.0113



Our “2018 Matsuri Japan” event – August 23 and 24
Enjoy our “Bon Dance Experience,”
which recently became a hot topic on a TV show!
Festival dances such as the Awa-odori dance from Koenji, Tokyo,
festival games, and food stalls are waiting for you
on the nights of the last-and-hottest summer of this current Heisei Period.


The Awa-odori dance and Bon festival dances have caught people’s attention this summer. If you have not yet:


– enjoyed Bon dances
– done target shooting
– eaten cotton candy
– worn yukata
– tasted any food from food stalls
– made a trip anywhere
– joined an Awa-odori dance
– done anything summery
– had a beer at a beer garden, or
– tasted shaved ice
…why don’t you come and enjoy our “2018 Matsuri Japan” event with everyone?
-Guests who wear yukata will get a coupon for the festival games!
-2-day passes to the festivals will be sold at a discounted rate for those who would like to enjoy these nights to their fullest!



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This is the last summer of this current Heisei Period. We at Happo-en and the festivals’ participants from all across Japan will be happy to work together to help you make memories of this summer with your family, friends, and co-workers.



Attention Japan! This is Japanese innovation!
Attention the world! This is Japanese innovation!


Our “2018 Matsuri Japan” event, representing the pinnacle of traditional culture, will start soon!



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