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HAPPO-EN MICE LETTER June 25, 2018 Vol.0105



Summer will come earlier than usual this year in Tokyo!
Enjoy the healthy and happy summer with beer,
which is gaining scientific proof
of having a healthful influence.


According to the one-month weather forecast, the rainy season will end earlier than usual and it is highly possible that the height of summer will be in early July. Especially in the easternmost and westernmost parts of Japan, the average temperatures will be higher than usual. So, a nice cold beer will hit the spot on a hot summer night!


Beer has been gaining scientific proof of having a healthful influence these years. It is said that moderate beer consumption is good for preventing the onset of circulatory and ischemic diseases. In Europe, there is a special beer produced as a nutritious drink just for recovering patients, because of its vitamins, minerals, and protein that aids digestion. For people who are concerned about gaining weight, there is good news. Beer doesn’t have high calories and you will not gain any weight as long as you are careful with food when you have beer. Or else, you will eat too much due to beer’s appetite-inducing effect.





Happo-en offers fresh vegetables from our partner farms, dishes made with grass-fed beef, and dishes for sharing with naturally-cultivated food.



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The summer will be short. Let’s enjoy it happily and healthfully.



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