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HAPPO-EN MICE LETTER June 11, 2018 Vol.0103



Get Healthy with Good Food!
Happo-en’s events to make the best of this gloomy rainy season
“Dietary education seminars” and “Beer Terrace at Thrush Café”
Happo-en has beautiful multihued hydrangeas which look so beautiful especially in the rain, in our Japanese garden.

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Thrush Cafe Beer Terrace 2018

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Join our “Happy & Healthy Beer Terrace” event at our restaurant, Thrush Café, at which you can enjoy the feel of summer in view of our Japanese garden before the real summer comes.

This event features our happy and healthy items, such as:
– Happo-en’s original craft beer on tap, with the use of Seya wheat, from Yokohama Brewery
– Non-alcoholic cocktails with organic herbs
– Fresh vegetables from our partner farms, such as Kosaka Farm
– Our roasted beef rump dish which is very popular among health-conscious people

Please have a great time with our happy and healthy menu at the terrace, which has a roof in case it rains.




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For people who would like to learn about food in this rainy season, we will have our dietary education seminar at our organic life restaurant, Anniversary Garden, on June 14. At the event, we will have Mr. and Mrs. Akiba from  Akiba Farm as our guest speakers. Mr. Akiba was a chef and his wife was an herb blender. They will give a lecture on organic vegetables and an herb-blending experience with the use of their herbs. The attendees will have their own blended herbal tea which is tailored to their body conditions and their feelings. Please enjoy our dietary education event in which you can relax and refresh yourself.


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Please come and find something healthy in this rainy season.
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