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APPO-EN MICE LETTER June 4, 2018 Vol.0102



Global companies are putting this into practice!
Happo-en provides mindfulness experiences to incorporate into business meetings.
Please make use of these events to rally your concentration, refresh your mind, and improve the achievements of your meetings.



The number of inquiries to Happo-en about business meetings has been rapidly growing in the early part of this month.
Whether for small meetings of in-house departments, major world-wide executive conferences, or large plenary lectures, we have been getting requests to incorporate our mindfulness experience and Japanese tea ceremony experience events into them, either before the meeting and/or during an intermission.






We recently received some feedback from several global companies that held their meetings at Happo-en. We were glad to hear that the attendees of their meetings could maintain focus and improve their achievements when they incorporated our mindfulness experience into their meetings.
Already four years have passed since Happo-en started to provide our mindfulness experiences. Since then, our mindfulness experiences have developed a good reputation as a wonderful break, in which you can relax under the secular mentorship of Buddhist monks, while viewing our beautiful 300-year-old Japanese garden.






Also, we suggest to people who are planning their meetings to incorporate our garden walk experience in addition to our mindfulness experience, to clear your head going into your meetings.



Please sign up for our mindfulness experience and our Japanese tea ceremony experience to achieve a high degree of efficiency in your meetings.



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