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HAPPO-EN MICE LETTER May 28, 2018 Vol.0101



Drink and Learn!
Happo-en presents special events for
fans of Japanese alcohol.
Our featured brewers will intoxicate you
with their passion and sake.

Our 23rd Japanese sake event, featuring sake and brewer’s presentation
Our 1st Japanese craft beer event, featuring beer and brewer’s presentation
At our “Anniversary Garden” restaurant, we held our 16th dietary education seminar on May 24. The attendees enjoyed our organic dishes while learning about healthy food with natural cultivation producers as guest speakers. We at Happo-en believe that the attendees got a good chance to focus on their dietary lives and took a great interest in healthy food at the event. We will hold this kind of event in June as well. Don’t miss it!







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Matsunami Japanese Sake Brewery, Yokohama Beer Brewery, and Sankt Gallen Beer Brewery will be our special guests for our events in June. They have in common unique brewing styles, in keeping with their traditions. Happo-en is proud to provide these valuable events, in which you would have a rare chance to have these three brewers’ products in Tokyo. We hope you will enjoy our events.



We will continue holding unique events which live up to your expectations.


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