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HAPPO-EN MICE LETTER May 21, 2018 Vol.0100



Eat and Learn!
at our “Anniversary Garden” restaurant’s
dietary education seminars



The number of our guests who want to focus on their dietary lives has been increasing. Such an interest is sometimes triggered by life events such as giving birth, child care, dieting, wanting to lose weight, getting the results of a medical examination, allergies, and etc. They look to us to provide them with fresh, healthy food made from seasonal ingredients.
Since last year, Happo-en has held 15 dietary education seminars, in which you could learn about healthy foods.






Now, Happo-en is proud to announce that we will hold our 16th dietary education seminar, whose theme is “Edible Roses,” on May 24. Edible roses have gotten a lot of attention recently because of their abundance of vitamin C and polyphenol.
On that day, we will have a special speaker, Mr. Keiichi Yokota, who is the 3rd-generation owner of Yokota Farm, in which they raise edible roses without any use of pesticides. It’s said that the scent of their roses is 3,840 times stronger than that of usual ones. Happo-en will offer a precious time in which you will have a great experience with our organic dishes and the special roses.






Then, our 17th dietary seminar, which will be held on May 30 and 31, will have a special guest, Mr. Sho Nakano from Sho Farm, who aims to develop a method of farming that can be sustained for a millennium.
We value having a friendly and enduring relationship with all our guests and attendees even after their weddings, events, and parties at Happo-en. Please do not hesitate to ask anything about your plans. We will keep on working toward our efforts with healthy foods.








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