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HAPPO-EN MICE LETTER May 14, 2018 Vol.0099



It Starts Tonight!
“The Newest-style Garden Experience with Your Ears”
in our lit-up Japanese garden at night
Xperia Ear Duo* x Happo-en
Mon, May 14 – Fri, May 18



Happo-en is proud to announce that our event, “The Newest-style Garden Experience with Your Ears” with the use of Xperia Ear Duo, a wireless open-ear-stereo head set from Sony Mobile Communications Inc., starts tonight, in our green Japanese garden.



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Xperia Ear Duo is a head set with which you can enjoy music, make calls, listen to your schedule, forecasts and more, all while being able to hear your surroundings. In our garden experience event, you can enjoy real bird-singing, the sound of a waterfall, and the sound of the leaves rustling in the wind, besides some sounds and music which do not exist in the garden naturally.
Also, you can listen to a guidance of our Japanese garden, even while talking. Enjoy the fusion of real sounds and artificial ones.



At the same time, Happo-en offers our first-ever greenery light-up event, in which you will have amazing moments in its dreamy atmosphere. Please be the first to take this opportunity to experience “The Newest-style Garden Experience with Your Ears.”
Please stop by our restaurants, which will have their “Fresh Greenery Fair,” when you attend our event.





Thrush Café – Farm to Table
Thrush Café offers original craft beer and vegetable dishes with the use of fresh vegetables from our partner farms. The garden scenery from the terrace is amazing.






Enju – Japanese restaurant
Enjoy seasonal dishes and sushi with selected Japanese sake at their impressive wooden counter or in a private dining room, whichever you would like.






Anniversary Garden – Organic Life Restaurant
Please enjoy dishes while gaining knowledge about food in our educational event which we provide every week. The Anniversary Garden is on Platinum Street.



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