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HAPPO-EN MICE LETTER April 23, 2018 Vol.0096



“Mujyoan,” Happo-en’s portable teahouse, stole the show
as a place to experience a Japanese tea ceremony
and a photo spot,

at the “Sakura Japan” event in Singapore.
Now our “Mujyoan” will make an appearance
at the “Hi-Market Ginza – Sense of Tea” event
at Ginza Tsutaya, Ginza Six!
April 30 – May 6, 2018



At the “Sakura Japan” event, which was held in Singapore from March 30 to April 8, Happo-en’s portable teahouse “Mujyoan” attracted the attention of the attendees as a hub for experiencing Japanese culture including Japanese tea ceremony and Japanese origami.






Now Happo-en’s “Mujyoan” has been invited by Ginza Tsutaya Books for their 1st anniversary event in Ginza Six. “Mujyoan” will be set in an event space in the bookstore “Ginza Tsutaya Books,” in which they have beautiful, impressive book shelves.



Happo-en’s portable teahouse “Mujyoan” will be displayed at the first-ever Hi-Market Ginza event, whose theme is “Sense of Tea.” The event will feature tea-themed artwork, a variety of tea equipment, and a sophisticated display of all things tea-related. Items have been carefully-selected from their fresh perspective.
Happo-en is proud to collaborate with Ginza Tsutaya Books for the first time. They suggest a life with art. We look forward to having you come and experience the world of our “Mujyoan.”



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HI-MARKET GINZA -Sense of Tea-




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