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HAPPO-EN MICE LETTER April 9, 2018 Vol.0094



From cherry blossoms to fresh greenery,
the seasons are changing a little earlier than usual.
Here comes the best season to take a leisurely walk
in our Japanese garden at Happo-en!

On May 1, our “Fresh Greenery Festival” will start!
Enjoy the verdure.



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In this season in which fresh greenery is so beautiful to look at, our “Fresh Greenery Festival” will be held. Its theme is, “Bathe in the breath of freshness!”

Our Japanese garden is filled with the most energy in this season. We offer our beautiful cuisine with vividly-colored greenery in the daytime, along with our first- ever greenery light-up event and a wonderful stroll through our Japanese garden at nighttime.

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From spring into early summer… please enjoy changing of the seasons at Happo-en.

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