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HAPPO-EN MICE LETTER March 26, 2018 Vol.0092



Cherry blossoms at their best!
At Happo-en, the cherry blossoms are in full bloom!
Please enjoy Someiyoshino, Shidare, and Yae blossoms,
which are blooming brilliantly one after another.



Happo-en will produce a Japanese tea ceremony experience at the “Sakura Japan” event in Singapore.

On April 2, our popular event “Bishoku-judan (Gourmet Excursion) 2018” will be held.



The “Sakura Japan” event in Singapore will start on March 30. At this event, Happo-en will produce a Japanese tea ceremony experience in our portable teahouse “Mujyoan” under the cherry blossoms. We are making final preparations for our unique event, in which guests from overseas can enjoy special cherry blossom viewing. We will report on this event next week.



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At the same time, we will hold our special spring event at Happo-en, Tokyo. At this event, there will be tasty Edo (Tokyo) food such as vegetables, soba noodles, and etc. Especially some sake from local sake breweries in Tokyo will be the icing on the cake.
We are proud to serve selected sake from two traditional sake breweries in Tokyo. Veteran representatives of Ishikawa Brewery* and Toshimaya Brewery** will explain how sake is made at their companies at the event. Please enjoy their sake and their conversation, of course, along with our cuisine. Our chefs will complete their one-night only dishes in front of you. Happo-en will provide a luxurious spring night.



Ishikawa Brewery*: From 1863, they have brewed their sake by carrying out their traditional techniques sincerely. They craft their selected sake using the abundant, pure mineral water from a local source and specially-selected ingredients.
Toshimaya Brewery**: The oldest sake store in Tokyo, originated when its founder, Toshimaya Juemon, opened a sake store and tavern in 1596 at the Kamakura waterfront in central Edo.
863, we have brewed our sake by carrying out our traditional techniques sincerely.



Gourmet Excursion 2018
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Come and enjoy!
The cherry blossom viewing time is far from over.

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