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HAPPO-EN MICE LETTER March 19, 2018 Vol.0091



This is It!
Cherry Blossoms at the Height of Spring!
Happo-en’s “Iki” Spring Festival Starts Today!



Cherry blossoms are blooming early nationwide this year and spring has come also at Happo-en! Our spring event in which you can enjoy the tastes of spring with the wonderful scenery of our Japanese garden, starts at our restaurants today.



「Spring Festival 粋」







On March 21, our special nighttime light-up event “Pink Light Up – Sakura Pink Illumination” will start. Over 90 cherry trees in our Japanese garden will show you their beautiful blossoms at the nighttime light-up event.





Our cherry blossom festival “Edo (Tokyo) Food Stalls on Parade 2018” will be a popular event because you can have a great time viewing cherry blossoms and experiencing Edo (Tokyo)-culture at the same time. You can enjoy:


– dancing with the Tokyo Koen-ji Awa Odori dance team
– having an aperitif under the lit-up cherry trees
– pleasant Edo-style foods by our chefs, from the stalls
– tasting some excellent locally-brewed sake from Tokyo at the sake counter
Happo-en will offer you a smashing time at our “Iki” Spring Festival.



「Spring Festival Iki」web site



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