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HAPPO-EN MICE LETTER August 27, 2018 Vol.0114



Reporting on our summer event, “2018 Matsuri Japan,”
which offered 2 enthralling nights
with festival dances from all across Japan,
in the last-and-hottest summer of this current Heisei Period.
Our beautiful 300-year-old Japanese garden and all the attendees
(men and women, old and young alike) partied all night!



Our “2018 Matsuri Japan” event was held last week, on August 23 and 24, while the temperature has been swinging between extreme heat and a nip of fall in the air. The weather has been changing drastically this summer!




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In these events, over 400 total attendees and we at Happo-en had enthralling nights together, with 8 festival dances and the Bon-odori dance named “Tokyo 2020.”



2018082709 2018082712 2018082715 2018082704


Enjoyably, the foundational “umbrella dance” from Tottori Prefecture was combined with the popular DJ “KEIZOmachine!,” and kids from Mishima, Kagoshima Prefecture gave their best performance of the “Djembe dance (Djembefola),” which put the icing on the cake for the event.

2018082705 2018082707


The food from the food stalls, which our junior chefs cooked with their youthful sense and playful imaginations, received acclaim from the attendees. These foods used seasonal ingredients which were directly delivered from our partner farms all across Japan. Thank you very much for your warmest remarks to our chefs.



2018082711 2018082710


Happo-en has a plan to hold bigger summer festivals next year, in the first summer of the new period. Please look forward to our next “Matsuri Japan” event, in which you will be able to enjoy many traditional festivals and festival dances from all across Japan, while staying in Tokyo.




Next, we will hold our fall event on September 24 (a public holiday), on the night of the harvest moon. Please come and enjoy matcha green tea and Japanese sweets, and the Owarakazenobon, which is a folk dance from Toyama Prefecture, in our Japanese garden under the moonlight.
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