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HAPPO-EN MICE LETTER February 13, 2018 Vol.0086



Happo-en will start our “Omotenashi to the World 2018 Project.”



Happo-en will celebrate our 75th anniversary this February and will start our “Omotenashi to the World 2018 Project.” Happo-en will carry out this project through events at home and abroad, to fulfill “For foreign people, we provide Japanese culture” from our corporate identity, and “Omotenashi to the world,” which is our corporate mission.

“Sakura Japan” is a huge annual event for cherry blossom viewing at the Gardens by the Bay in Singapore. At the event this year from March 30 to April 8, Happo-en will produce our “Grand Tea Ceremony” as part of our “Omotenashi to the World 2018 – Project I.” For this event, we will provide a tea ceremony experience in our portable teahouse Mujyoan, which will be shipped from Japan for it. Over 100,000 people attend Singapore’s “Sakura Japan” event every year, and we will provide traditional Japanese culture in an effort to attract even more people this year.




*Sakura Japan: This event launched in 2016 in commemoration of the 50th anniversary of the diplomatic relations between Singapore and Japan. Japan provided a thousand cherry trees and techniques which we learned in botanical gardens in Japan. The first event, which Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong attended, resulted in great success. It was a precious event for the Singaporean people, who live in a country without four seasons.



Dates: Friday, March 30 – Sunday, April 8 (10 days), 11:00 am – 9 pm
Featuring: Over 20 kinds of cherry trees, kimono-wearing experience, and Japanese food and drinks
Place: Gardens by the Bay, Flower Dome, and Flower Field Hall






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