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HAPPO-EN MICE LETTER January 15, 2018 Vol.0082



Happo-en’s original chocolates “kiki”
Enjoy the changing seasons in Japan with our “kiki”.



Happo-en is going to open pop-up stores one after another!
Many people loved to have Happo-en’s original chocolates “kiki” during the St. Valentine’s Day season last year. From our store on Platinum St. in Shirokanedai, we will open pop-up stores one after another.



We just opened this year’s first pop-up store on January 10 in the Star Sweets area in  Terminal 1 at Tokyo International Airport (Haneda). Additional shops in Isetan department stores in Shinjuku, Tokyo and Shizuoka Pref. and the Mitsukoshi department store in Ginza, Tokyo are ready to open following that store.




We lovingly make Happo-en’s original chocolates “kiki” using products painstakingly cultivated by farm producers all across Japan.
In addition to our regular flavors and for a limited time only, Amaou brand strawberries will be due out this coming April. Try it for yourself.










We will have an event called “Bishoku-judan* 2018” on January 25, in which you can enjoy our new dishes which were born through meetings with natural-cultivation-farm producers.

* “Bishoku-judan” means gourmet foods all across Japan




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