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HAPPO-EN MICE LETTER December 18, 2017 Vol.0080



Part 3 of Happo-en’s Approach to Food
All Athlete Dream Dinner



We are pleased to announce that Happo-en hosted a fantastic event with athletes who are aiming to participate in the Paralympic Games which featured miracle dishes by great chefs and natural-cultivation farm producers.




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Happo-en is pleased to have met several wonderful people. First is Mr. Kimura, who succeeded in becoming the first-ever person to raise apples without the use of any pesticides or artificial fertilizers. Second is Mr. Saeki, a farm producer who respects Mr. Kimura and thinks of him as a teacher. We’ve also met numerous other farm producers from across Japan, as well as members of the “Agriculture Welfare Party*” and their partners who are developing their passion for all-natural cultivation and are selling their products at their own stores.

*The Agriculture Welfare Party is an organization that assists people with disabilities to live independently by teaching them about agriculture and giving them an opportunity to cultivate all-natural products.

We hosted the All Athlete Dream Dinner on November 30. At the event, we had Mr. Saeki from the Agriculture Welfare Party, Mr. Kimura, grower of the “miracle apple,” Chef Mikuni, a renowned chef of French cuisine, Chef Hondo, an NPO’s “Cooking Ambassador,” Chef Yamazaki, whose popular dishes include Mr. Kimura’s miracle apples, and Happo-en’s in-house chefs. These chefs collaborated on a 10-course dinner featuring naturally-cultivated foods and meat from an organization devoted to animal welfare. About 300 participants, including athletes who are aiming to participate in the Paralympic Games in 2020, enjoyed the dishes.




This event provided a spark for us to approach naturally-cultivated food in earnest and we decided to keep our focus on naturally-cultivated food.

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