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HAPPO-EN MICE LETTER December 11, 2017 Vol.0079



Part 2 of Happo-en’s Approach to Food – Our seven-main-allergen-free “Hypoallergenic Menu.”



* We are pleased to announce that this menu will start from our “Family Christmas Event 2017” on December 23!
* Seven main food allergies: eggs, milk, wheat, soba, peanut, shrimp and crab




Happo-en had more than 1,800 wedding receptions in the last year.
4,273 participants in the receptions, which are an impressive 4.1% of adults and 6.3% of children of all attendees, were served our allergen-free dishes.
We used a trial-and-error approach in the development of our seven-main-allergen-free “Hypoallergenic Menu,” whose dishes really look like our standard dishes, so everyone who attends a party has the same-looking meals.
At our “Family Christmas Event 2017” on December 23, you can enjoy our special “Hypoallergenic Menu” with all of your family.




Next week, we will recap our special event on November 30, which was named “Agriculture Welfare Party presents – All Athlete Dream Dinner,” and Happo-en’s efforts on our naturally-cultivated food menu.


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