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HAPPO-EN MICE LETTER October 30, 2017 Vol.0073



All over Japan will be in the bright foliage season soon.
Our nighttime light-up event in our Japanese garden starts on November 18!



In our garden, you will enjoy the brightly colored leaves which have begun turning red, orange, yellow and brown and their fantastic reflection on the surface of our pond. Autumn is a beautiful time to visit our garden, which also features cherry blossoms in the spring time.



Now the leaves in our garden are beginning to turn fall colors. You will notice with pleasure how the leaves change their color every moment, reacting to subtle changes in temperature and sunlight throughout each day.



Please visit Happo-en to enjoy our beautifully colored leaves in our Japanese garden. We look forward to having you and providing you some great autumn delicacies.







The light-up event is scheduled from November 18 (Sat.) – December 10 (Sun), from sunset to around 10:00pm.







Happo-en Cuisine

We recommend our healthy dishes with purple vegetables which draw attention to their contained nutrients: anthocyanin, phytochemicals and etc., which are good for your health.



Farm to Table
スラッシュカフェ / Thrush cafe


Offering our delicious lineup of gluten-free breads, dishes and sweets
オーガニックライフレストランアニバーサリーガーデン / Anniversary Garden


Enjoy our seasonal fresh sushi at the counter in view of our Japanese garden.
和食レストラン槐樹 / Japanese Restaurant Enju


Have a great time in a private dining room with seasonal delicacies.
壺中庵 / Kochu-an



Year-end Parties at Hakuho-kan
-For your year-end parties for more than thirty people
-Dishes for vegetarians, pork-free dishes, dishes cooked without alcohol, and seven major allergen-free dishes are available







“Spring Iki Event” – Four Seasons of Edo Artisans Waza (“Artisanship”)


Come join us at Happo-en’s restaurant “Tsukiji Jisaku” for a special event starting in spring 2018. “Edo Artisans Waza” (named after an old name for Tokyo: Edo) will feature skilled craftsmen from a variety of fields, including traditional glasses, wind chimes, lanterns, children’s tops, and agriculture, who will demonstrate their products and lead an experience-based event to make them. Experience a new side of Tokyo.


Please enjoy the stylishness of Edo through our delicious cuisine. This event will be held at 2 of our restaurants: Tsukiji Jisaku in Tsukiji, Tokyo, and Kochu-an at Happo-en.






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