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HAPPO-EN MICE LETTER October 23, 2017 Vol.0072



Autumn is the best season for art and for culture.
Our “Experience-based Lectures on Japanese Culture – Part II” at Happo-en is here!



Following our last issue, we would like to deliver to you information on the second part of the series of experience-based lectures on Japanese culture. Many lectures on Japanese culture which we held have been increasingly incorporated into company events, as one aspect of employee training. We hope you have an opportunity to get into the appeal of Japan, which we, Japanese, may in fact not know as well as foreign people.







Zen – Meditation “Mushinzen”



In your busy life, to have time to take a close look at yourself having your mind empty and without cell phones or e-mails is very precious for you, we think. However, it’s not easy to have a chance to do it by yourself. Happo-en, therefore, presents Zen – Meditation “Mushinzen,” where you can refresh your body and soul. This event is held at Hakuho-kan, a Japanese-style building which has a room with flooring of 144 tatami mats, which is nestled in our Japanese garden. We hope you will have a serene time with Tozen Nakano, Chief Priest of Ryuho-ji Temple in Kyoto, the lecturer for this event.










Experience-based Lecture on Japanese Culture
“Miyabi – Flower Arrangement and Noh (a traditional Japanese theater style, UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage)”



This is our popular plan in which you can experience both flower arrangement and noh, which is perfect for people who haven’t had a chance to experience either of these elements of Japanese culture.



Flower arrangement:
We have Ms. Riho Miyamoto, a matriarch of the Koryu Toyoryu school of flower arrangement, as a guest instructor. She will gracefully show you how to arrange flowers in her style, while a poet lyrically reads waka poems.



Mr. Munenori Takeda, a noh performer, who was born into the family of a noh patriarch, and some young noh performers will perform a famous scene in an informal way. You will then have a small experience-based lecture in which you will learn how to use your voice properly for noh.
*Noh, or Nogaku – derived from the Sino-Japanese word for “skill” or “talent,” is a major form of classical Japanese musical drama that has been performed since the 14th century.








For your private events, Happo-en can make original contents with a combination of our “Garden Walk” tour in our historic Japanese garden, the above valuable lectures, Japanese cuisine at our restaurants, kimono-wearing services, tea ceremony, and etc. We will be pleased to produce your special day with learning and experiencing Japanese culture leading up to the Tokyo Olympics in 2020.




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