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HAPPO-EN MICE LETTER October 16, 2017 Vol.0071



Autumn is the best season for art.
Please experience Japanese culture at Happo-en!



We are pleased to deliver a series of experience-based lectures on Japanese culture which is a popular theme not only for foreign people but even for Japanese. The experience-based lectures, which are held in combination with our “Garden Walk” tour in our historic Japanese garden, can be incorporated into your parties, events, seminars and business meetings to make them more exciting and special. Here are two upcoming lectures from the series:






Making wagashi (Japanese sweets)


Traditional Japanese sweets are popular for their sensitive expression of the four seasons all over the world. You can experience making this work of art with wagashi
artisans. Please enjoy self-made wagashi with matcha and Japanese green tea, which are served in the event.


Duration: 30 minutes
Cost: \3,000 (Including tax and service charge)/person
Seats: 10-50






Making special, delicious and decorated sushi rolls


You will learn how to make thin sushi rolls with a makisu (an instrument to make sushi rolls) first and put them all together to make a thick, artistic sushi roll. Cutting it will wow everyone! Good for Instagram, for sure. You can taste it with sashimi (a dish of raw fish) and miso soup in the event.


Duration: One and a half hours
Cost: \6,000 (Including tax and service charge)
Seats: 8-24






Please do not hesitate to ask for details. We totally produce your parties, seminars and business meetings with the above contents and make them unique and ever-unforgettable.




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