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HAPPO-EN MICE LETTER October 10, 2017 Vol.0070



HAPPO-EN is reframing a wedding venue as a unique venue which produces something new of value.
As one of our business contents, HAPPO-EN keeps co-hosting seminers and would like to introduce the seminer in November as described.






Entertainment of Knowledge The 4th Useful Academic Forum – November 20, 2017


Scholars from various fields talk about a theme in a plain and enjoyable way in this forum series. The theme this time is “Present and Future of Applications of IoT/AI” which is attracting a lot of attention today.



■Mr. Satoshi Iwao (Doctor of Medical Science)
“Healthcare innovation with utilization of IoT/AI”



■Mr. Shigeki Yuyama (President of Executive Committee)
“Application of IoT/AI for smart factories, smart complexes and infrastructure
constructions at home and abroad”



■Mr. Yasunobu Ando (Physical Scientist)
“Future challenges of AI applications”



■Motoshige Ito (Economist)
“Economic effects of the spread of IoT/AI”




For those who have plans to hold a seminar at your own events, we do produce it totally with help to decide on the theme, to select speakers, to design flyers, to create videos, to schedule an MC, and also music, lighting, refreshments, food, and etc. Please do not hesitate to ask for details.





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