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HAPPO-EN MICE LETTER October 2, 2017 Vol.0069



HAPPO-EN is reframing a wedding venue as a unique venue which produces something new of value.
As one of our business contents, HAPPO-EN keeps co-hosting seminers and would like to introduce the first seminer in October as described.






Salon for “Thinking about The Future of Japan”
“Okoto Juku”- means “Men’s Academy” – : Ocotber 11, 2017 (the second session in 2017)


Speakers are heroes from various fields and they engage in frank exchange of views with the participants. This time, we will have 2 heroes, who achieve an impossible goal, and it will be a precious-two-hours for providing plenty of clues about business toward 2020.


*Takayuki Furuta, Ph.D.
General Manager of Future Robotic Technology Center. Executive director of Chiba Institute of Tecnology. A robot that he developed was the only one robot to tackle the damage of nuclear power stations in Fukushima. With the robot, he was successful in making the nuclear power stations cold shutdown.
As a subprincipal of Universal Future Society Propusion Conference, Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology, his goal is now to develop an useful and technical robot for the Tokyo Olympics and the Paralympics in 2020.



*Mr. Hiroshi Miura
National record holder for the 48kg class of powerlifting in the Paralympics. Representative athlete from Japan for the Paralympics in London and in Rio. An accident left him with permanent spinal injuries during work.
The Paralympics in Athena in 2004 inspired him to start playing the powerlifting and in 2012, he participated in the Paralympics in London in which he honorably placed nineth. Also he became fifth in Rio in 2016.
Champion in the Japan Cup 2017. He now keeps training with an eye toward the Tokyo Paralympics in 2020.


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For those who has a plan to hold a seminer, We can produce your seminer by helping you to decide a theme, to select speakers, to design a flyer, to creat a video, introduce a mc, music, lighting, refleshment and food, etc. Please do not hesitate to ask.




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