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HAPPO-EN MICE LETTER September 25, 2017 Vol.0068



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Today, we would like to introduce our “Event Contents Menu” that we demonstrated at our “Business Event 2017” that was held the other day.



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On August 30, we held a showcase event called “Happo-en Presents: Business Event 2017.” There, we presented an “Event Contents Menu,” available for adoption in our clients’ events hat features the work of Japanese artisans. We also presented our “brand strategy” concepts which promote the culture of traditional-style Japanese artisans in order to promote the local municipalities that they represent.


he event contents menu included:
-An experience of making beautiful and artistic sushi rolls. This was a very popular corner at this event. Making these unique rolled and balled forms of sushi puts a unique spin on the sushi-making experience that is common for international guests in Japan. They are easily made with our staff’s guidance.
-The “Making Japanese Confectionary” booth provides an opportunity to make a matcha-themed dessert, and is easy to incorporate into your own party.
-The “Sukiyaki Booth” features delicious ingredients from Gunma Prefecture, and provides guests with their own individual stove and cookware, made by Japanese artisans, and designed and coordinated by Happo-en.
-Making tapestries using tatami mats
-Making kumiko-style wooden lattice ornaments
-Designing patterns for kimono
-A chance to see kumihimo, the Japanese art of braiding
-The “Shobun-su Vinegar Booth“ presented vinegar and original vinegar-based cocktails, arranged by Happo-en. This corner features vinegar made by a traditional-style vinegar maker based in Okawa City. We can make original cocktails suited to your party’s theme.
-Mujyoan (our portable tea house), Kagura (our portable dance stage), and a bar were all used at Business Event 2017, and were made with traditional design and skill by Japanese artisans.


Of course, all these products and experience can be used at your event. Please contact us not only regarding these contents but also for one-stop total production of your event.




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