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HAPPO-EN MICE LETTER September 19, 2017 Vol.0067



Reframing the traditional wedding hall or event place,
Creating new value at the unique venue Happo-en



Today, we would like to introduce our “Matsuri Contents” that gained popularity at the “Business Event 2017” that was held the other day.






Before the party began, guests enjoyed a Matcha ceremony in our portable tea house “Mujyoan,” set in the center of our Japanese garden, as a waiting bar for the main party of “Business Event 2017.” At the bar with a Japanese-style setting, guests had some aperitifs and had a nice relaxing time at our traditional Japanese garden.


In the main banquet room “Jour,” which was reopened after renovation, at the beginning of the party, the production started to show a scene of summer twilight that gradually turned into a storm scene by sound, light and video.


After this powerful presentation, a performance of Japanese drumming where people could experience the dynamic traditional Japanese culture, appeared on the stage.


A traditional Japanese dance was then performed by a group of Geisha, who were enveloped in a marvelous beauty.






A traditional Japanese dance was then performed by a group of Geisha, who were enveloped in a marvelous beauty.


The main party of “Happo-en Presents Business Event 2017” then opened featuring various contents that projected images of a Japanese festival.


Events ranged from the craftsmen’s introduction to a sake barrel opening, and toast.
In accordance with the timing of the start of the meal, guests enjoyed live performances by the chefs of Happo-en.
At the same time as the dynamic tuna filleting show began, the staff delivered finger food to everyone, so that guests could get some food before getting in line for the buffet table.


Then, on our portable stage “Kagura” in the center of the main banquet room, a singing performance led a series of traditional Japanese-style entertainment, raising the party’s voltage to the top.


When the party ended, however, that voltage stayed hot as the after party kept things in high gear. An additional Taiko (Japanese drumming) performance welcomed guests into the main lobby, where they were then treated to an Awa Odori dance, coming from a traditional festival in Tokushima Prefecture. Everyone enjoyed getting in on the dancing themselves.


Then, to top things off, there was a DJ club event held with a Japanese atmosphere by Shuya Okino of the “Kyoto Jazz Massive.”







You can enjoy these and more “Matsuri Contents” in our coming Autumn Iki Festival, held for three days from Wednesday, September 20 to Friday, September 22. At this event, whose theme is “Tokyo Moon Vacation,” you can enjoy an all-you-can-eat-and-drink buffet of seasonal dishes, as we celebrate the long autumn nights. We look forward to seeing you there.


Please don’t hesitate to contact us regarding your company’s business events, and to discuss how our “Matsuri Contents” can suit you best. You can reach us using the contact details below.
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