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Food Vision, Diversity-Friendly Dining HAPPO-EN MICE LETTER – Vol.0065



Food Vision, Diversity-Friendly Dining


Happo-en will hold an invite-only event “Business Events 2017 -Every Moment is Unique-” which is an event that is free from the traditional approach.


We are a one stop solution for planning, designing and production of unique and memorable events. This event is a live event focusing on the relationship between people. To share with everyone, new encounters, new surprises and the wonder of Japanese culture, this event is for you. Do join us with a warm heart. Our team is waiting to welcome you.


Create value for unique business events
We propose business events not bound by the conventional framework. In the growing Asian Pacific market, there is a necessity to form a MICE base in Tokyo as a gateway to grow Japan’s presence as a MICE destination.
At Happo-en, with its historical garden of approximately 33,000 square meters from the Edo period and our 15 banquet rooms of different sizes and ambience, we professionally plan, design and produce unique business event contents under one umbrella, to form a bridgehead of global cooperation with industry, government, university, and realizing better promotion for business induction.


We have been developing MICE contents such as business exchange events, a unique venue in Tokyo, traditional culture, dietary culture and night life, by making good use of  Happo-en’s facilities. As we have unique contents, Happo-en has received the tag of “unique venue” now. Experience our unique business contents. You can experience Japan with this event. Connect to the world for a day through this event.


Contents of Happo-en Presents “BUSINESS EVENTS 2017”


Unique Contents : 01   Business Tech Startup
–A chance to distocer new leaders and new business
Unique Contents : 02   WAZA JAPAN, Brand Strategy Presentation
– Branding Artisanship, and make it Tourism Resources
Unique Contents : 03   Food Vision
– Diversity-friendly dining and athlete’s nutrition food
Unique Contents : 04   WAZA Tourism Presentation
–    Experience-based activity
Unique Contents : 05   WAZA DEPARTMENT
– New Japanese artisan culture experience


Today, I would like to talk about food vision, diversity-friendly dining. Guests visiting Japan may have various dietary restrictions such as allergies to certain kinds of foods, vegan diets, halal food, etc. Japan will soon be hosting many large international sporting events such as the 2019 Rugby World Cup, and the 2020 Tokyo Olympic and Paralympic Games.


As a result, we have been thinking about the connection between sports, food, and welfare. Nutrition is a cornerstone of the lives of athletes. Where dose the best food come from? Our search has resulted in a new partnership with Agri Farm Japan, an organization that raises fresh, organic, healthy agriculture with a bonus. Agri Farm provides an opportunity for people with physical and mental disability to get “back to nature” and gain valuable experience raising vegetables and other crops. Happo-en is pleased to collaborate with Agri Farm Japan to further our food vision of “Diversity-friendly dining.” This combination of welfare and agriculture creates a win-win relationship and a richer society.


For these international sporting events, we are not only designing our menu to eliminate the 7 most common food allergens (eggs, milk, wheat, shrimp, crab, soba and peanuts) and listing that information on our menus with a pictogram, but also providing well-balanced and nutritious meals along with diversity-friendly support from reception to food service. This new food standard is part of our Food Vision, to propose a modern style of Japanese food like never seen before.


Happo-en’s Business Events 2017 is an invite-only event. Please contact us for more details:



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