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HAPPO-EN MICE LETTER September 18, 2018 Vol.0117



Our Autumn Festival: “The Moon, Matcha Tea, and Kazenobon”
On the last harvest moon night of the current Heisei Period,
Happo-en will have “Ecchu-owara-kazenobon*” in our traditional Japanese garden

*Ecchu-owara-kazenobon”: a traditional Japanese festival with a folk dance from Toyama Prefecture



On September 24th, the last day of a three-day weekend, the “Ecchu-owara-kazenobon” will make an appearance at Happo-en. Toyama Pref. gets an influx of tourists every year who want to see the festival, making it difficult to see.

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Under the moonlight, a men’s dance and a women’s dance (from the Ecchu-owara-kazenobon) will be performed to the sounds of the kokyu* in our historical Japanese garden. Please enjoy fresh matcha green tea and Japanese sweets in a special space which has a romantic view of our Japanese garden, before enjoying the dances. Happo-en will offer a free drink for a toast before dinner at our restaurants on that night. Please enjoy our great fall dishes, too!
*Kokyu: a stringed Japanese instrument
Please enjoy our fantastic autumn festival, which will have bit different atmosphere from our summer festival, on this autumn night.
Our restaurants, Kochuan, Enjyu, and Thrush Café/Farm to Table would like to welcome you with seasonal dishes using fresh vegetables from our partner farms. Please enjoy an autumn night with our delicious food under the beautiful moonlight.
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