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Happo-en’s Total Coordination and Omotenashi


Good morning everyone.
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This time, Id like to tell you about the “Total Coordination” that we propose for business events at Happo-en.
We will deliver total event-space coordination whose aim is to give the feeling of omotenashi (hospitality). to guests from around the world.

Happo-ens one-stop total coordination
I think that Happo-en
s one stop total coordination goes beyond setting decorations and is a part of our unique style of hospitality.

Famous tea master Sen no Rikyu has Seven Rules:
· Make a delicious and the best bowl of tea for guest.
· Arrange the charcoal to best boil the water.
· Serve your guests tea that matches the season.
· Arrange flowers as if they are in the field.
· The master must be prepared prior to the ceremony.
· Be prepared for the worst-case situation.
· Give full consideration to all those present.
Everything is to ensure the comfort of the guests.

Previously, a customer mentioned, “Omotenashi is a word used by the guest’s side.” We need to carefully consider how our guests can appreciate our hospitality in a comfortable manner. We always need to consider the customized aspects of tea, flowers, tableware, cuisine, space, lighting, music, and so on.
To maximize the comfort of the guests, we came to the conclusion that we should give one-stop total omotenashi coordination to our guests.

Business events in the unique venue

For business events held at Happo-ens unique venue, we provide various options to our guests in order to give shape to their ideas. We creatively deconstruct their ideas and interpret their wishes in ways that will create a sense of surprise and enliven the party. Given our history and traditional garden as our unique assets, we have a multitude of options to provide for your event. This is especially true for our method of working together as a team, to create consistency for your event across such aspects as food, event space, and so on. With our one-stop total coordination ability ensuring consistency, Happo-en can make your business event successful.  

To start our parallel planning with a food decision, would you prefer Japanese or European food? For example, if you chose contemporary European cuisine, we would suggest a matching style of modern decorations for the event. We do not have separate meetings for food, flowers, paper items, or music. We coordinate these aspects in parallel with one another, in order to impress our guests with a feeling of “Wow!”
The entire coordination of our guests’ business events is the actual reflection of their initial image.

Choose Happo-en if you plan to have a business event in Tokyo, Japan

It is beneficial to us to be located near a new train station that will be constructed for the 2020 Olympics, giving us great access from Tokyo International Airport for guests to visit our Japanese garden filled with history and tradition.
The reason why we are supported by our guests from all over the world is not only because of our facilities such as our Japanese garden, tea room or party rooms, but also because it is a place where you can experience “real Japan,” and be provided with an
Amazing Experience..

As the proverb says, He that would know what shall be must consider what has been., We do not only make new things, but also polish up our tradition inherited from our predecessors and make an effort to increase our knowledge so that our guests will experience new things and enjoy their time.
We have a vision:
To our international guests, we provide Japanese culture. To our Japanese guests, we provide the homeland of their hearts.
We would like our guests from all over the world to not only experience Japanese culture as entertainment, but also to learn more about Japanese culture, traditions, and history.
The Japanese, who were traditionally an agriculture-based society, are very conscious of the four seasons: spring, summer, autumn and winter. Stemming from that sensitivity, we have additional seasonal sets of 24 (called
sekki) and even 72 (called kou). We have seasonal food, enjoy seasonal trees and flowers, and feel seasonal changes in nature in our skin through seasonal events and festivals. We feel thankful for the blessings of nature.
We at Happo-en believe that sharing Japanese customs related to daily life, and using our one-stop total coordination abilities to help realize our guests
wishes for their events, is the basis for our unique style of hospitality.

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