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HAPPO-EN MICE LETTER September 25, 2018 Vol.0118



Fruitful and Appetite-inducing Autumn is just around the corner!
Our Japanese restaurant, “ENJYU” will reopen as “ENJYU SHIZENKAN Restaurant”
with a new menu on October 1.
They will offer the joy of food while focusing on tasty fermented food.



ENJYU, from which you can enjoy our beautiful Japanese garden in every season, will offer a new menu under their new name, “ENJYU SHIZENKAN Restaurant,” with their new theme, “Fermented food as a spice for the body.”



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Fermentation: it progresses slowly with the passage of time and rounding of the seasons. Naturally-cultivated and organic products grow having the gifts from the land of Japan. Our ingredients are all made in Japan, and are naturally-brewed and additive-free. Enjoy the ingredients’ umami and their natural sweetness.



Rich forces of nature for the body!
We will offer the joy of food while showing respect for Japanese traditions.
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On October 4, Happo-en will hold our 25th Japanese sake event, featuring a representative from a sake brewery, Miyasaka Brewing Company, which produces one of Japan’s premier sake brands, called “Masumi,” from Nagano Prefecture. Please enjoy a harmonious pairing of their high-quality sake and our new delicious dishes from ENJYU.



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