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HAPPO-EN MICE LETTER October 1, 2018 Vol.0119



HAPPO-EN TOKYO RED AUTUMN GARDEN 2018 starts on November 1st
as the garden starts to take on autumn hues.



October has arrived.

The Japanese calendar has welcomed in autumn, and it’s the time of the year for the momiji-yosou (autumn leaves forecast), which tells us when the autumn colors will be the brightest.

The forecast for Tokyo is typical, or slightly earlier than usual. We are eagerly awaiting the 115 maple and gingko trees in our garden to be adorned with beautiful colors.



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From November 1st, when autumn is at its fullest, we’ll have the garden specially lit up from sunset until ten o’clock at night. The light will project the colorful maple leaves onto the pond surface, creating a mystical space that will make you forget you are in Tokyo.






On Thursdays and Fridays, you can enjoy our seasonal “Red Bar” that will offer signature cocktails and nihon-shu (Japanese sake), as well as traditional matcha, adding to your Japanese autumn momiji-gari (enjoying Japanese maple leaves) experience.
This year, we hope you can take some time after your meal or meetings to savor the autumn leaves.



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