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HAPPO-EN MICE LETTER October 9, 2018 Vol.0120



Autumn for both culinary pleasure and learning.
Introducing the Anniversary Garden an organic lifestyle restaurant where
eating and learning become one.



The Anniversary Garden, an organic lifestyle restaurant located on Platinum Street in Shirokanedai, is a gluten-free restaurant that only uses ingredients from natural farming methods and certified organic farms. The venue welcomes vegan guests, and also provides an allergy-friendly menu, catering to seven of the most common allergens. The Anniversary Garden is not just about the food you eat but also learning while you eat. It is also where Happo-en continues to explore the possibilities of culinary experience.



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As the season of harvest has arrived, the Anniversary Garden is receiving fresh daily produce from natural farms all over Japan!
This month’s special ingredient is pumpkin – perfect for the fall season and Halloween. We have especially selected a variety called Sukuna Kabocha.



Sukuna Kabocha was originally grown around Nyukawa-cho in Takayama City, Gifu Prefecture for personal consumption. In 2001, there was an initiative to make this variety a town specialty, and since then it has been grown for the market. Uniquely shaped like a gourd, Sukuna Kabocha has meaty flesh and a skin with a less earthy scent than most pumpkin varieties. It has a soft, fluffy texture that possesses the perfect sweetness for making desserts.
At the Anniversary Garden, we have created our Halloween Sweets series. Four different types of gluten-free desserts were crafted using Sukuna Kabocha and other autumn ingredients. All of them were produced using natural farming methods without any pesticide or fertilizer.







We invite you to a relaxing afternoon at our venue where you can enjoy the gingko leaves lining Platinum Street as you indulge in our gluten-free desserts and organic coffee or naturally farmed herb tea. Step away from your busy daily life and let your stress melt away.



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